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MacBook Air M2 review (2022)

MacBook Air remains the best choice for millions of people worldwide. New MacBook Air M2 offers an upgraded chip for better performance together with advancements in lateral tools and embedded components. Compared to the first MacBook Air edition of 2008, MacBook Air M2 is much faster, more reliable, and weighs less.

MacBook Air M2 characteristics

Let’s dive into the MacBook Air M2's basic configuration characteristics, including the design and performance-related ones. To make the advantages of the MacBook Air M2 more obvious, the comparisons in characteristics with previous MacBook Air models will be drawn out.


MacBook Air M2 is available in several different colors: Midnight, Starlight, Silver, and Space Gray. The size and thickness of the computer are the same as those of MacBook Air M1.

Even though MacBook Air M2 is 11mm, it is slightly thicker than MacBook Air M2 on the front edge due to the bigger display.

As for the size, keyboard, and the overall layout, MacBook Air M2 and MacBook Air M1 are very similar. The major difference is the trackpad, which is slightly wider but shorter.


Every milligram counts when it comes to the weight of the portable personal computer. MacBook Air has surpassed its predecessors in this parameter as it weighs only 1.24 kg and is 120 grams lighter than the MacBook Air 2008 edition.


The distinctive feature of the new MacBook Air M2 is the bigger display. Previously, it was 13.3’’, while the new model boasts a 13.6-inch display. This contributes to more detailed images without sacrificing weight or other parameters.


While the M1 chip has already made a breakthrough, M2 shows even better results. It has an 8-core CPU which offers outstanding performance being almost 5 times faster than Intel-based MacBook Air models. The 8-core GPU is 1.5 times faster than that of the MacBook Air M1 and almost 6 times faster than that of the MacBook Air of 2018.


There was not a big change in embedded speakers for MacBook Air M2. However, you will immediately notice that the sound is much cleaner, sharper, and more profound.


With MacBook Air M2, Apple provides several options for chargers. The base configuration of the computer comes with a standard 30W charger, while you might consider acquiring a 67W charger that fills the MacBook Air battery by 50 percent in just half an hour.


It is obvious that MacBook Air M2 knocks all its competitors out as it has a set of outstanding updates and advanced characteristics. However, we should also mention its drawbacks and possible workarounds for dealing with them.

The basic configuration of the MacBook Air M2 has 256GB storage, which does offer faster solutions for the read and write operations compared to that of the previous MacBook Air M1 model. That is why it is highly recommended to take a 512GB MacBook Air M2 computer.

Another aspect is that the M2 chip is more powerful, so it warms up faster. To prevent any kind of overheating, keep an eye on the temperature of your computer and clean it regularly from dust.