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iPhone 5c Refurbished


Refurbished iPhone 5c – technical info

Unveiled in September, 2013, The iPhone 5c is a smartphone that was marketed by Apple Inc. The iPhone 5c uses the A6 chip, and much of the same internal hardware as the iPhone 5, which is its predecessor. The phone is available in 8, 16, or 32 GB models. The iPhone 5c does include Siri, which has a natural language user interface to answer questions, perform actions, and even make jokes.

The iPhone 5c has a hard-coated polycarbonate casing along with a black glass front that is stander. This phone comes in five colour choices: green, pink, blue, white, and yellow. This device was the first from Apple to ship with iOS 7, which showcased some updated visual features. The iPhone 5c was also the last iPhone to have the “squircle” icon as the home button.  

The iPhone 5c’s resolution on its 4-inch Retina screen is 640 x 1136. The back camera is 8 MP, and the front camera has a 1.2 MP resolution which can be used for FaceTime.


Why it is a good idea to buy a refurbished iPhone 5c

While there are some benefits to buying the iPhone 5c new, there are also many benefits of buying it refurbished. Among the most important benefit is the price. The price of the iPhone 5c as a refurbished phone really makes it at a price that is in reach for virtually anyone.

The quality of a refurbished iPhone 5c is nearly the same as you would expect to get with a new phone, besides a few signs of wear from the previous owner. However, with a refurbished iPhone 5c, you get the same benefits as you would if you were going to purchase new. The phone will not come in original Apple packaging, but it will be in factory reconditioned condition. This means that the phone has been reset to its like new condition on the inside, where it counts.

Benefits of buying a refurbished iPhone 5c:

Phone is factory reconditioned

The phone comes with a warranty

Phone has been erased, reset, and recertified for a new owner

Costs much less than buying a new iPhone 5c


New vs. refurbished iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c offers benefits to those who purchase it new. There is the pride of owning a quality Apple product. There is the fun of opening up the phone brand new and turning it on for the first time. What’s not so much fun is the price tag. A new iPhone 5c can cost hundreds of dollars.

A refurbished iPhone costs much less than a new one will. It comes reconditioned from the factory meaning that it has been checked for damages and any other issues. It has been reset so when you receive it, you can put all of your information in it and make it your own.

Really, purchasing a refurbished iPhone 5c is the best idea because all phones will show a little wear and tear eventually. No one is ever able to go without dropping their phone at some point, so if you get a phone that already has a little wear on it you won’t have to worry as much about putting a little more wear on it yourself.