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iPhone 5s Refurbished


Refurbished iPhone 5s – technical info

The smartphone marketed by Apple Inc., the iPhone 5s, is similar in design to the iPhone 5. Some of the differences include a home button that has a touch ID as well as a fingerprint ID. The fingerprint ID can be used for such purposes as unlocking the phone and authenticating iTunes and app store purchases.

The camera of the iPhone 5s has a larger aperture and is optimized to be better equipped for different colour temperatures. The processer in the iPhone 5s is the A7 dual-core processor. The iPhone 5s has a 64-bit processor which is the first to be used on a smartphone.

The colour options of the iPhone 5s are white and gold, white and silver, or grey and black. The visual appearance of the iPhone 5s was revamped to have a flat, colourful design which is different from earlier models of the iPhone.


Why it is a good idea to buy a refurbished iPhone 5s

There are many benefits of buying a refurbished iPhone 5s. For one thing, when you buy a refurbished iPhone 5s, you are getting a phone that is identical to a new phone. The phone is pre-owned, but it has been factory reconditioned and tested extensively and determined to be in like new condition.

All refurbished iPhone 5s phones have a warranty against problems of up to 12 months. The phones are packaged in plain boxes but come with all of the accessories you get when you buy a brand new phone including a charger, manual, and battery.

Benefits of buying a refurbished iPhone 5s:

Extensively tested and cleaned in like new condition

Comes with a warranty of up to 12 months

Less expensive phone with same benefits as new phone

Comes with everything needed including the charger, manual, and battery


New vs. refurbished iPhone 5S

There is nothing that fully captures the feeling of purchasing a brand new iPhone 5s and taking it out of the box. However, you can come pretty close to that feeling by purchasing a refurbished model.

The benefits of buying a refurbished phone are numerous. In fact, a refurbished iPhone 5s gives you the same benefits as a new phone for a fraction of the price. Refurbished phones are those that have been returned to the factory in order to repair a defect. A refurbished iPhone has been fully tested, repaired, and cleaned to give that like new feel.

When you purchase a refurbished iPhone 5s, your phone is covered by a manufacturer's warranty. This means that you don't have to worry about any problems when you receive your refurbished phone. In the unlikely event that there is a problem, you simply return your phone.

With new phones there is still a chance of having a problem right out of the box. When you purchase a refurbished phone you know it has been fully tested, so the likelihood of there being a problem that was not noticed during the extensive testing that takes place is slim.

If you want that new phone feeling without paying the new phone price, a refurbished iPhone 5s is right for you.