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Advantages and Disadvantages of M1 Chip

Apple has taken the tech market by storm with the launch of the M1 processor – a chip of its own. It is speculated to be faster than the Intel processor.

It is crucial to determine if this chip is going to lead the processor market or not. Is the M1 processor revolutionary or just a counterpart for the Intel processor? To determine the actual value of Apple's M1 chip, it is essential to explore its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of M1 Chip

Advantages of Apple M1 Chip

Both Macs with an Intel processor and the new M1 chip have its advantages and disadvantages. Today we will try to help you choose a new Mac for your business needs. Here are some of the most important advantages of the M1 chip by Apple.

Faster than Other Processing Chips

The M1 processor performance has been tested for speed in labs. All the advantages of Apple M1 chip have been calculated and measured alongside its speed test. The results are spectacular, and it has been proven that the new M1 chip is faster than all the predecessor processing chips by Apple.

Apple's production team also placed a memory (SOC) within the M1 chip to speed up data transfer.

M1 chip's speed has been verified by users globally as well.

Absence of Thermal Throttling

The M1 chips are smooth, noiseless when compared to other processors. The M1 chip fans stay put even during the high-performance activities. On the contrary, Mac models with Intel processors start blaring when you start working on a high-definition task.

Power Efficient Processing Chips

The prime advantage of M1 chip is its extensive battery life. M1 chip processor can offer the most powerful laptops that lead to better and more efficient battery life.

Reasonably Priced

Finally, Apple has come up with a product that is worth the price tag on it. Macs with M1 chips are available at the price of $1000, which is worth the power-efficient system it provides in return.

The quality of Apple laptops with M1 chip processors even exceeds the Ryzen processors in Thinkpad technology-wise. These Think Pads are way more expensive than the Macs consisting of an M1 chip.

Neural Network Processing Technology

One of the significant technologies that set the Apple M1 chips from other processors is built-in machine learning – better known as NNP (Neural Network Processing). Generally, this is a CPU-based technology that employs AI to observe and work on human behaviors.

Disadvantages of M1 Chip

M1 is still new and in the process of changes. Here are some of the disadvantages of M1 that have been observed in the M1 chip.

GPUs Or Multiple Screens Displays are Not Supported

Gamers have always faced problems when using Macs, and the M1-based are no different. It doesn't support an external GPU which means you will face a problem using it for gaming. The same is the case for more high-definition professional editing.

Another disadvantage of the M1 chip is that it does not support multiple screen displays, and you have to manage with a single monitor only.

Glitches with Apps

Apple has revolutionized the whole technology game with the release of M1 chips. For app developers, this means change. They will need to adapt to this new advancement by changing and creating compatible software for the new M1 processor.

Apple's new M1 processor performance means that some apps will not run on the new platforms. The Window and Apple apps that previously worked for you are not compatible with this processing system. Rosetta 2 software which converts app codes, can help solve this problem on M1 devices. However, this conversion of apps is not a lasting solution, and developers will have to develop something more permanent.


M1 chip processor by Apple has some glitches but these can be tackled and improved over time. The fact is that Apple’s M1 chip is the most powerful chip at the moment.