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Best Mac Accessories of 2020

Top Mac Accessories Worth Buying

One of the best things about buying a Mac is seeing all the sleek new features and upgrades. One of the second-best things about buying a Mac is getting accessories to go with it. From headphones to keyboards, we have rounded up some of the best Mac accessories of 2020.

Best Mac Accessories of 2020

A power bank

One of the must have accessories for a Mac in 2020 is a power bank. A power bank is essential for living your best Apple life because it provides a backup power source so you can keep on going and going with your Mac. If you get a good power bank it can even help to extend the life of your Mac. If you’re constantly on the go, you never know when you’ll get the chance to charge your Mac. Having that power bank handy will help you to make it through the day. One option in power banks is the Anker PowerCore + 26800 PD. It’s lightweight, making it a great option to carry around with your lightweight Mac device. It is also powerful, with the ability to charge up to two Apple devices. So you don’t have to be stingy with your charge ups. You can share the love.

A laptop case

Everyone knows that to protect their phone, a case is non-negotiable. It’s really the same way with your Mac. You’re going to pay a nice premium to own a Mac, so you probably want to protect that investment. One good option to consider is the Incase 13” Textured Hardshell Case. It’s good for protecting your Mac against the small annoyances like scratches, but also for protection against water damage. While a scratch probably won’t do much damage to your device aside from a cosmetic blemish, water can ruin your device. Having a quality case can stop this from happening. They usually are very affordable as well. Considering how much it costs to replace your entire Mac, this is a super affordable preventative option.

A 4K monitor

Though this is not really an essential accessory, it sure makes your Mac more pleasant to use. You can use an external monitor for your Mac if you have an office or even if you just spend a lot of time using your Mac in a work capacity. The HP Envy 27 is an excellent 4K monitor that you can try out. It only retails at about $400, so it won’t break the bank and it really makes a difference in how much you are able to see on your screen.

Mouse and keyboard

A good mouse and keyboard can make all the difference in they way you can use your Mac. Typing on a Mac can be fine if you only do it for a little while, but if you want to do a lot of typing, you might want to consider getting a separate keyboard. Typing on a Mac isn’t ergonomically friendly, and it will probably eventually cause you to have some problems with your wrists. The same is true for using the trackpad on your Mac. If you have a little money left in your budget for accessories, these two are must haves. You can stick with Apple devices and purchase Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Magic mouse. These allow you to be able to have external devices without wires and they fit in with the Apple aesthetic too.


Headphones are super important when you have a Mac, especially if you share a space with another person. Noise cancelling headphones can make it possible for you to be able to get work done by creating a quiet environment, even if your literal environment is far from quiet. Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700 are an amazing option. They have 20 hours of battery life as well as 11 levels of noise-cancelling control. The microphone is also top-notch. You can’t really go wrong with this option.

These are just some amazing options for accessories for your Mac. There are also some apps you can add on to make your Mac work for you even better with more personal customization. What are your favorite Mac accessories?

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