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Best Macs for Gaming in 2019

Mac for Gamers: Which One to Choose

It’s no secret that Macs are amazing computers. However, not all Macs are created equal when it comes to gaming. This article will give you some help if you are looking for a Mac to do some gaming with so you can enjoy the best gaming experience out there.

Since Macs started running on Intel processors like Windows computers, the gaming experience has really improved for Mac users. There are more and more popular games available on Macs that were not available before. So that means that users of Mac have lots of options for games. Although most popular games probably roll out on Windows computers first, at least now they are an option for Mac users.

Best Macs for Gaming in 2019

What makes a Mac good for gaming?

One thing that you need to look for if you are looking for a gaming Mac is one with a fast processor. It also is a good idea to look for a Mac that has a good graphics processor and a fast hard disk. If you really want to spoil yourself, you can look for a comfortable gaming chair so you are not sitting in a desk chair the whole time you are gaming. This is totally optional, but definitely worth considering. It can help keep your spine in a better position so you may not have issues with your spine because of your new gaming hobby.

If you want a quality gaming Mac, you want to make sure you have a fast storage system. Conventional hard drives can take a while to load graphics for complex 3D games. If you don’t want this to be an issue, you might want to consider a solid state drive or SSD device. You can even get an external solid-state drive which you can connect to your Mac’s Thunderbolt or USB 3.0. You can even load some games on your external SSD drive which will make it faster to load.

Macs to stay away from for gaming

Let’s start with the Macs that aren’t very good for gaming. These Macs are good for other purposes, but gaming is not what we would recommend you use them for. The Mac Mini, MacBook Air, Mac Book, Non-Retina 21.5 in iMac, and the 13 inch Macbook Pro are not going to be the best options for gaming. If you don’t do a lot of gaming, you might be able to get away with one of these if you already have it. However, of you plan on spending any amount of time playing a game, you will probably want to get a different Mac. Let’s look at some recommended Macs now.

Macs that are good for gaming

Here are some awesome Macs for gaming. You can do well with any 27 inch iMac, an iMac Pro, (although it’s more costly than some others), a Retina 21.5 inch iMac, and a 15 inch MacBook Pro.

Apple has a slimline MacBook that has a high resolution display that is awesome. It is great for playing hi-def video and 2D games. However, if you are looking into playing 3D games, you probably won’t be able to use this device. In the range of MacBooks that are currently available, you can only expect the top of the line MacBook Pro, the iMac Pro, and the 27 inch iMac to have graphics cards that are good enough to do 3D games justice.

Which GPU do you need?

There are two types of GPUs. You can get an integrated or a discrete GPU. If you have simple 2D graphics on most of the games you play and they don’t really need too much graphics power, you don’t have to worry too much about your GPU. You can use an integrated GPU which will share the main memory for your CPU. Again, this option is not ideal for more complex games such as 3D games.

If you are looking forward to playing all the best 3D games, you will want to make sure you use a discrete graphics card. This is a seperate graphics processor that is specifically for 3D gaming. It will have its own high-speed memory that will help boost the performance of the graphics. This option is best because it allows your Mac’s main CPU and RAM to be used just for other functions while saving more demanding and intensive 3D graphics for the separate discrete graphics card.

Gaming on a budget- best low priced Macs for gaming

Not everyone has unlimited money to spend on their gaming Mac. If you are looking for a lower priced Mac, you can probably get by with using a 13 inch MacBook Pro. This is one of the cheapest MacBook Pros out there but you’ll still need to spend about £1,749 for one because it is a higher end MacBook. But keep in mind that you will need at least this level of Mac in order to be able to have a satisfying gaming experience. You can try to make due with a less expensive Mac but you might be disappointed in the level of game play.