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iPhone XR Top Features

Apple knows how to give the people what they want. Proving that this is the case, Apple has recently released a budget-friendly iPhone known as the iPhone XR. This article focuses on some of the top features of this colorful hand-set so you can see why it is a great phone to consider if you are keeping an eye on your budget.

iPhone XR


The display

The iPhone XR has an all-new liquid retina LCD for the display. This may be an LCD instead of an OLED, but it is still a beautiful display and you will enjoy it on this phone. The LCD on the iPhone XR allows colors to pop, and the phone supports a P3 wide color gamut. Apple claims that this display is one of the most color accurate LCD displays on the market at this time.


Speaking of displays, the display on the iPhone XR is generous in size although it's an entry-level iPhone. It is a whopping 6.1 in in size. This is larger than the iPhone XS and is the largest LCD Apple has ever had on one of the iPhones. It's just a bit smaller than the 6.5 inch OLED screen that's on the XS Max so this is still a good sized screen.


Another unique thing about this phone is that the liquid retina display happens to be one of the first that Apple has included with a touch to wake functionality. It even supports true tone which allows for subtle adjustments to color depending on the ambient light in the environment.


The camera

Everybody knows that the camera is one of the favorite parts of an iPhone. With the iPhone XR, portrait mode photos are very popular. In the iPhone XR, there is a single lens assembly, but the phone is still able to use portrait mode with free software and their upgraded neural engine.


The iPhone XR has a single-camera, as mentioned above, but can detect a person's face and make them appear separate from the background. This gives a kind of bokeh effect to everything except the individual. And this can be adjusted after the fact using the depth control features to adjust the amount of blur and bokeh on the picture.


The frame

For the iPhone XR, Apple decided to go with an aircraft-grade custom aluminum alloy case. The finish is matte, and the phone is one of the lightest and most durable phones out there at the price point.

The frame comes in a few different color options that give potential users some fun, colorful options to choose from. There is an in-depth process that includes seven layers which allows the phone to have a stunning, rich finish. Color choices include red, coral, blue, yellow, black, and white.


Battery life

The iPhone XR will surprise you with its battery life. It has the best battery performance of all. It can give 25 hours of talk time, 16 hours of playback, and 15 hours of Internet browsing. These are some impressive stats which make the iPhone XR a phone that everyone should really consider when they are thinking about getting a new iPhone.


The takeaway

With all the features that come with this iPhone, it is a bargain. Some of the features that are excluded from this phone are ones that are probably not going to be missed anyway. Unless you want all the bells and whistles that are available, you might seriously consider saving some money and buying the iPhone XR. You will likely be pleased and pleasantly surprised at the quality of this wallet friendly phone.