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macOS 13 at WWDC

The annual developer conference that happens each June, the WWDC, is an exciting event. This year, the macOS 13 is scheduled to come out this year. There have not been a lot of details released about this OS, so there might be some nice surprises when the event happens. Let’s take a look at some of the information we do have about the newest version of Mac’s OS.

History of Mac OS Names

One of the biggest questions Mac fans have about the operating system is about the name. Apple had a tradition of naming their new operating systems big cat names for a time. Then in 2013, Apple started naming each new OS a California themed name. Some of the major OS updates included names like Mojave, Monterey, Yosemite, and Sierra, just to name a few. Some mysterious companies applied to trademark over 20 California-themed names. It’s commonly thought that Apple was behind these trademarks with the goal of keeping the names secret, but it hasn’t been confirmed.

One trademarked name that hasn’t been used is Mammoth. In the Sierra Nevada mountains are Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Mountain. These are popular areas for tourists to ski and hike. There was a trademark application granted for the name in March 2019 with an extension of use that has been approved numerous times- the latest time happening in November of last year. This might provide a hint that Apple could be announcing a new OS with the name of Mammoth.

Improvements in Performance and Efficiency

Apple has been on a quest to transform their Mac from dependency on Intel technology to using their own Apple silicon. Now, their goal is to make their devices as efficient as possible with the best performance. They depend on their own processors to accomplish this goal. The new OS will need to continue that trend. It’s possible that the newest OS will offer a wide range of compatibility.

Possible New Features

The upcoming macOS 13 may come with an overhaul of System Preferences. Mark Gurman, a noted Apple analyst, believes that the newest macOS will have System Preferences updated to be more like the Settings app of an iPad or iPhone where it’s possible to see individual settings. He also thinks other default apps will have redesigns. That may include apps like Safari, Messages, Notes, and more.

Other Feature Possibilities

When macOS Monterey was revealed last year, there were a lot of shared innovations between that OS and the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. For example, Live Text, FaceTime, and Visual Lookup are some of the features in common. Does that mean we can expect this year’s iOS 16 to give us some hints about the macOS 13? It’s hard to tell. Usually there’s a leak of the iOS early version that gives users an idea of what to expect. However, this year there have been relatively few details leaked. That doesn’t give much to go on.

Gurman believes that the iOS 16 will have a “more social network-like functionality,” for the Messages app. There are also supposed changes coming to the iOS Lock Screen. One of those changes is a wallpaper that has a widget-like capability. It’s possible that the macOS will have something similar.

Release Date

Apple usually gives a preview of their newest operating system at the WWDC. This event takes place in California in early June each year. Shortly after the WWDC, the new developer betas come out. iOS 16, tvOS 16, iPadOS 16, and watchOS 9 will likely be released to the public in September with a macOS 13 coming out in October.

Gurman is one of the few sources to give an opinion on what the new features of the upcoming OS will be. He will just have to wait until WWDC, like the rest of us, to see if his predictions come true.