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Top MacOS Apps to Use for Working Remotely

Best Mac Apps for Your Daily Remote Work

In the time in which we're living, working from home has become a huge push. This is because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Everyone has the shared goal of staying as healthy as possible and preventing the spread of the Coronavirus by flattening the curve. To that end, millions of people are working from home to limit their exposure two others.

Although working remotely sounds like it would be a dream, some are finding it challenging to work from home without having an office. Millions have been thrust into working from home/working remotely and they were not prepared. While working from home offers a lot of flexibility, if you're not prepared to take on the task, you might be in for a little trouble. Fortunately, this timely article offers top Mac OS apps to use when working remotely.

Top MacOS Apps to Use for Working Remotely


We can't do an article about working remotely without mentioning Zoom. If you're working from home and are used to working with people in groups or you work on projects together, you might want to consider Zoom. Zoom is an app that allows you to communicate through video conferencing or over the phone. It can be used whether you're meeting with one person or up to 100 people. The host who starts the meeting has the ability to mute and unmute different members to make it easy to communicate. The host can even choose to record the meeting for those who are unable to attend for whatever reason. Zoom is making it easy to keep in touch with those who you need to during this pandemic. There is a paid version of Zoom as well, but many find that the free version meets their needs sufficiently.


Ulysses is a writing tool that you might find beneficial when working remotely. It’s excellent for organizing your writing, and it is a top-notch app to use for actual writing. It does not have web clipping or contextual search, so if these are important for you, you'll have to use another app. You may find that Ulysses is one of your favorite apps even without these features.


Trello Is a must-have app if you or working on a project. Trello is an app used for list making. It's comparable to base camp but without some of the features that make basecamp desirable. If you're working with other people and you need to collaborate, Trello is a pretty good tool to use. It's free to get started, but there's also an inexpensive paid version. At just $5 per month the gold version includes additional integrations and power ups that you might find beneficial. Hey, you're saving gas money since you're working from home, so you might as well spend the five bucks a month.

Drop box

If you are like most people, you have a lot of files that you've created. Instead of housing those files on a personal computer where they can be deleted accidentally or destroyed when a computer dies, many people choose to use a cloud-based app. Dropbox is just such an app. Dropbox makes it easy to send things via email anytime you are online. Storing files on a personal tablet or computer is limiting because you can only send those files when you are on that computer. You can also integrate Dropbox with Google docs, which is next up on the list of collaboration tools for working remotely.

Google Drive

Google offers so many amazing features for working collaboratively while working remotely. The G suite has collaboration tools for just about everything that you could need. You don't have to even download anything. It's all online! All you need is a Gmail address.

One of the great features of Google Drive is Google Docs. Google Docs is a word processing app that makes it possible for you to share your file with whoever you need. You can give them the ability to edit the file or simply view the file. They can even edit in real time so you can be online at the same time collaborating and making changes to a file with both parties seeing the changes made right before their eyes. You can even comment in real time.

These are just a few of the apps available for working remotely. If your company has not mandated a certain app, you have the flexibility to choose one that you like. As we all navigate this new world of working remotely, we have the opportunity to learn how to use a new productivity tool or two. Embrace it!