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What’s New with the iMac for 2020

New iMac Details & Rumours

There's been a lot of buzz about the all new Apple iMac which might be coming out for 2020. This all-in-one computer is long overdue for an update, and there are rumors that iMac might just be coming out with an update this very year. Will the iMac finally be getting a makeover for 2020? Read on to look at some of the rumors that are currently circulating about the possibilities for a new iMac.

What’s New with the iMac for 2020

Previous Changes

The iMac has been long LONG overdue for an update. The last update that the iMac received was a color change in the 2018 Apple iMac pro. That was nice to see , because it gave a little bit of variation to the silver aluminum that everyone recognized what that device. Rumors have spread that there are going to be some major changes on the horizon for the iMac rumored to be released in 2020.

Although Apple is being tight lipped about the possibility of a new iMac, the company historically discusses its products during their launch events. The next Apple event is scheduled for the end of this month- March 31st. It is a possibility that Apple might introduce an iMac desktop during this event and if so, the newer models might be coming out towards the end of 2020.

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"Glass Housing Member"

What might we be looking at in terms of redesign? Good question! Taking a look at the new design elements on the Mac pro, it stands to reason that the iMac might have some similar design elements. A recently discovered Apple patent might also unveil a hint. The patent is titled “Electronic device with glass housing member.” Could this be a single unit all encased in glass? The patent design shows an all in one display and keyboard on one panel with a wedge shaped back where the brains of the computer are likely to be. Apple hasn’t said anything about the design yet, so we will have to wait and see just what it looks like.

Gaming iMac

Another exciting rumor is the possibility that Apple might be getting in the world of gaming. Some think that it would not be unprecedented if Apple were to be getting into the world of gaming with a high-end gaming iMac. This would be different from what Apple has done in the past, but it could be a move that Apple might make to shake things up and get a strong foothold into the gaming industry.


Whatever is to come from Apple, though, we can expect it to be pretty good. If Apple has been holding off from releasing an update for this long, it might mean that there are some significant changes to be made that require a longer time period to test those changes out to make sure that everything works as it should AND to make sure it’s the best iMac it can possibly be.

Let’s hope that 2020 is the year that Apple gives us a new iMac! It’s sure to be something special and well worth the wait.