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Blog posts of '2022' 'October'

MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air: Which One to Buy?
Apple computers are deservedly considered the best on the market. When you need a new laptop, choosing a brand is pretty easy. But how then to choose a model?
Main MacBook Advantages for Daily Use
If you already have an iPhone or iPad, you'll appreciate how all the built-in apps work together. You can start reading an article on an iPhone and continue on a MacBook. All saved notes are available to you on all devices. It is very convenient, because the iPhone is always at hand. You need to write something down, and in the evening at home you can easily continue on your MacBook. Reminders are also synchronised and come simultaneously to all devices. The calendar is also available on both MacBook and iPhone, and you will never forget to wish your aunt a happy birthday.
What is a MacBook Used for?
MacBooks are made of aluminium. Their cases are very strong and can withstand a lot. They are very convenient to take with you on a trip. Sometimes you need to get a laptop with you to the airport to brighten up a long layover between flights. Long transfers, turbulence on the plane, numerous hotels and business trips — they aren’t easy to break. I'm writing this on a 2016 MacBook and trust me it looks almost the same as the day I bought it.