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Blog posts of '2022' 'May'

macOS 13 at WWDC
The annual developer conference that happens each June, the WWDC, is an exciting event. This year, the macOS 13 is scheduled to come out this year. There have not been a lot of details released about this OS, so there might be some nice surprises when the event happens. Let’s take a look at some of the information we do have about the newest version of Mac’s OS.
Is the M1 Chip Superior to the Intel Chip?
With Apple making the decision to make its own ARM processors in-house, they no longer need Intel processors. Moving forward, Apple plans to produce their own M1 chips. They will be selling off their older stock of Intel-powered MacBooks to make room for new releases. Many have wondered, though, whether the new M1 chips from Apple are better than the Intel chips. Let’s look at a few of the different metrics to determine which is the best processor.