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Blog posts tagged with 'imac'

Tips for buying a Refurbished iMac
When you buy a previously owned iMac, your money goes further. As soon as the computer leaves retailer it loses value but macs that are few years old can still be great values and powerful machines In today's world where everything seems too expensive for consumers looking at purchasing new electronics or technologies there is one option left - buying refurbished products. Buying used devices has become increasingly popular because people want to save some cash.
A Beginner's Guide to Apple Mac
So, you finally bought a Mac? Congratulations! Now it's time to learn how use it. And we're confident that with these few tricks, getting started will be easy for anyone who has never used one before--or at least hasn't since they were kids Here is our complete guide on macOS - from launching programs all the way down to setting your display preferences so everything looks just right.
How to Improve Multitasking with an iMac Ram Upgrade
Are you one of those iMac users who loves the power of having multiple apps operating at the same time? Do you like having multiple browser tabs open simultaneously? If you can’t do this because your iMac doesn’t normally have the juice to pull it off, you can give it the juice it needs with an upgrade in RAM.
Details About the New Pro iMac
If you are one of the millions of fans who have been wondering when Apple will update the 27-inch iMac, this article is for you. We have some of the latest details and you are going to want to stick around for what we’ve been able to dig up.
How to Buy a Refurbished iMac
Macs and iMacs are a popular choice for laptops and computers because of their iconic and versatile designs and easy-to-use manual. The only reason for not buying an iMac may be the high prices.