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Blog posts tagged with 'ipad pro'

Tricks You’re Probably Missing out on for the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard
So Apple has the new Magic keyboard available for the 2018 or 2020 iPad Pro and it’s pretty awesome. But with this article you will discover how it’s even more awesome than you may have realized, because we’re about to share some of the top tricks for what you can do with the iPad Pro Magic keyboard.
Best iPad for Students This Year
It’s 2019. It’s almost 2020. But as of right now, there are students who are just starting out a new year of school and they need some technology to help them with their studies. It’s not always easy to make a decision on which device is the best, but this article will help make that decision a little easier. Let’s look at the best iPads for students in 2019.
Navigating iPad Like a Pro
Does it seem to take forever to get things done with your iPad? Do you wish you could be a little speedier completing tasks? If you’ll stick with this article, you will be navigating your iPad like a pro in no time.
Hidden Features of the iPad Pro
Rarely is there something more entertaining than finding a hidden gem. That is especially true when it comes to the iPad Pro. If you like finding out the hidden features that make your device even more fun or useful, read on. We’re about to go through a treasure-trove of hidden features of the iPad Pro.