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Blog posts tagged with 'm1-based mac'

10 Important facts you should know for student MacBook buyers
Whether you're a student or family, it's back-to school time when many people decide to buy new Macbooks. Before making your purchase, consideration should be given in order to not have any regrets later on down the line. There are two laptop lines from Apple, the 13-inch MacBook Air and 15/16/14 inches MacBook Pro. The product lines are somewhat distinct for offering different screen sizes to choose from; you'll have made your decision based on other specifications like storage space or processor speed if it's not too heavy already loaded up with RAM memory.
Reports of Apple M1-based Mac mini Devices Showing Extreme Wear
Apple is known for quality products. In fact, it’s quite common for users to buy an Apple product and have it for so many years that several new generations come out before users even want to consider getting a replacement. Many times, an older Apple device is in good condition and works well but users are just ready for a new device. That is how it usually works for Apple products. However, there have been some recent reports of the lifespan of soldered SSDs being limited in new M1 Macs.