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MacBook Air M2 review (2022)

When it comes to choosing a laptop, millions of people still are thinking of MacBook Air. It’s their first choice. The new MacBook Air is even better than the previous one. It has the most powerful Apple chip at the moment — M2. Comparing this MacBook Air with the first one from 2008, we see that the latest is faster, more effective and is a lot lighter.

MacBook Air M2 characteristics

Let’s review the MacBook Air M2's basic configuration characteristics: design, processor, weight, display and many others. To make the advantages of the MacBook Air M2 more obvious, we will compare it to the previous model.


MacBook Air M2 is available in several different colours: Midnight, Starlight, Silver, and Space Grey. The size of the computer is pretty much the same as that of MacBook Air M1. It’s a bit deeper, that allowed Apple to make a bigger display. The major difference is the thickness. The MacBook Air is no longer tapered and has the same width from its front to back side — 0.44 inches. Thanks to this it has more ports and more powerful heat dispersion.


When it comes to the portability of the computer, every gram counts. MacBook Air M2 is even lighter than MacBook Air M1. The new one weighs 1.24 kg, when its predecessor was 1.29.


The new MacBook Air M2 has a bigger display. Previously, it was 13.3’’, while the new one has 13.6 inches. With a bigger display you get more detailed images and a pleasant working experience.


Apple’s M1 chip was a big innovation at the market, and M2 shows even better results. M2 MacBook Air has an 8-core CPU which offers users astonishing performance because it’s 5 times faster than Intel-based MacBook Air models. Speaking of the 8-core GPU, it is 1.5 times faster than the GPU of the MacBook Air M1 and 6 times faster than that of the MacBook Air of 2018. Impressing, huh?


The embedded speakers of the MacBook Air M2 weren’t changed much. However, you will notice a clean, sharp and profound sound.


When you buy a MacBook Air M2 you can choose several options for chargers. By default you will get a standard 30W charger. Anyhow, you can purchase a 67W charger that should fill the MacBook Air battery by 50 percent in just half an hour.


It is obvious that MacBook Air M2 is a powerhouse. However, we should also mention its possible drawbacks.

The basic configuration of the MacBook Air M2 has 256GB storage, which of course is enough for reading, writing and keeping up with daily routine. But if you want this laptop to become your main working computer, we recommend you to take a 512GB MacBook Air M2.

Another thing is that the M2 chip is more effective and powerful, so it obviously warms up faster. To prevent any kind of overheating, keep an eye on the temperature of your computer and clean it regularly from dust.

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