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Tips and Tricks for Optimising Battery Life on Your Apple Devices

How to optimise battery life on your MacBook

We live a busy life, where we rely on different electronic devices more than ever. We can’t even imagine our everyday routine without an iPhone in hand or a MacBook, can we? During the last few decades they became an irreplaceable part of our daily life. We use them for work, entertainment at home and communication with our loved ones. And it’s always a bummer when the battery dies, your device turns off and you sadly don’t have a charger nearby. But please don’t worry. There are some secret tricks that will allow you to use your device longer and you will not worry anymore about it running out of power at the worst moment. Are you interested? So, keep reading.

Top Tips

Try Adjusting Screen Brightness:

Yeah, it’s that simple. Probably, you didn’t think about it at all but the brightness of your screen costs you a lot of battery life. The surest and easiest way to keep battery life is to adjust the brightness of the screen. You don’t need it to be as bright as the Sun. So if you want to save your battery , lower the screen brightness or at least adjust it to the level you want.

Enable Low Power Mode:

Your Apple device has a built-in battery saving feature. It's called "Low Power Mode". You probably saw the suggestion to enable it when the battery level was 20%. How this mode works: it slows down all unnecessary processes, which continuously suck life out of your battery. Turn it on and your battery will last a bit longer. Sometimes this is enough for the device to live for several hours longer and last until recharging.

Update to the Latest Software:

When Apple releases updates for its iOs or MacOs, don’t ignore them. Often they contain changes related to battery usage optimization.

Manage Push Email and Other Notifications:

Push email notifications, work or personal, make your life a lot easier. You feel that you are up to date with all the latest news and do not miss anything. But besides the fact that it is very distracting, it also significantly reduces battery life. It happens because of the fact that these notifications continuously download and analyse new messages all the time. Can you imagine how exhausting it is for the battery? Think about changing your email settings to manually fetch new mails or maybe setting a longer fetch interval might work too.

The same thing with push notifications from various apps. Try disabling the majority of them and leave only the essential ones.

Top tips for optimising battery life

Optimise Location Services:

Location Services is a feature that gives different applications access to the location of your device. It is without any doubt useful for various purposes. However, you can imagine how much energy your device’s battery needs to continuously report your location to all these apps. If you want to optimise it, you can review which apps really need information about your location. Undoubtedly, it’s not every one of them. Disable this feature for everything you see fit, and leave the rest only the option to use location services only while you are using that app.

Manage Background App Refresh:

Let me guess, sometimes you open some applications and then you probably forget to close them in time when you don’t need them anymore. Perhaps you didn't even know that any application that you launched continues to update in the background. This is incredibly exhausting for your battery life. To solve this problem, you need to disable all the automatic refresh for applications that do not need it (and it’s pretty much all of them).

Enable Optimised Battery Charging:

And lastly, if you look in the Settings, you will find a feature called "Optimised Battery Charging". It is designed to extend battery life. Very often we charge our device incorrectly, let it run out of power and turn off, and then we charge it up to 100%. It is best not to go beyond the range of 20-80%. This feature also analyses the patterns with which you charge your device and then adjusts to them.


If you follow these tips, you will save the life of your device battery. It will no longer turn off at the most inopportune moment, and you will enjoy using it. Try to use all these methods or at least some of them. We are sure that your device will live until recharging, you will do everything that you have planned and you will thank us.