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Advantages and Disadvantages of M1 Chip
Apple has taken the tech market by storm with the launch of the M1 processor – a chip of its own. It is speculated to be faster than the Intel processor. It is crucial to determine if this chip is going to lead the processor market or not. Is the M1 processor revolutionary or just a counterpart for the Intel processor? To determine the actual value of Apple's M1 chip, it is essential to explore its advantages and disadvantages.
Securely Erasing Your Data from Macs and External Drives
When you have a Mac, you use it regularly and it becomes an important part of your life. Think about all the data your Mac has on it. Passwords, emails, videos, personal documents, photos- those are just a few of the sensitive bits of data that are probably housed on your Macs and external drives. What do you do with all of that when you update your Mac? You need to make sure you erase it, so no one can get your info off of it. We’ll dive into that topic in this article.
Reports of Apple M1-based Mac mini Devices Showing Extreme Wear
Apple is known for quality products. In fact, it’s quite common for users to buy an Apple product and have it for so many years that several new generations come out before users even want to consider getting a replacement. Many times, an older Apple device is in good condition and works well but users are just ready for a new device. That is how it usually works for Apple products. However, there have been some recent reports of the lifespan of soldered SSDs being limited in new M1 Macs.
What’s New in iOS 14.4?
In the end of January 2021, Apple released iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 with some nice fixes to bugs in previous iOS. There are also some nice tweaks added with these updates. Let’s dig right into some of the updates so you know just what you’ll be getting once you download and install it, starting with some of the bug fixes.
New Reconfigurable Keyboard Possible from Apple
Just when the TouchBar is starting to feel like a normal part of a MacBook, it appears that Apple wants to go and bring some new technology to the keyboard. The next generations of MacBook from Apple may possibly have a dynamic reconfigurable keyboard. At least that's something that may happen if one are to take into account a new patent filing by Apple.