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10 Important facts you should know for student MacBook buyers
Whether you're a student or family, it's back-to school time when many people decide to buy new Macbooks. Before making your purchase, consideration should be given in order to not have any regrets later on down the line. There are two laptop lines from Apple, the 13-inch MacBook Air and 15/16/14 inches MacBook Pro. The product lines are somewhat distinct for offering different screen sizes to choose from; you'll have made your decision based on other specifications like storage space or processor speed if it's not too heavy already loaded up with RAM memory.
Differences Between the 16GB and 32GB MacBook Pro
Which MacBook Pro will meet your needs? Should you go with the 16GB or 32GB? It’s a question many potential Apple customers have wondered. Apple has high-end 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro devices. Both offer the M1 Pro chip. And with both, the 16GB of RAM is standard with the ability to upgrade to 32GB of RAM for an additional $400. Let’s take a quick look at the two options.
A Beginner's Guide to Apple Mac
So, you finally bought a Mac? Congratulations! Now it's time to learn how use it. And we're confident that with these few tricks, getting started will be easy for anyone who has never used one before--or at least hasn't since they were kids Here is our complete guide on macOS - from launching programs all the way down to setting your display preferences so everything looks just right.
How to Improve Multitasking with an iMac Ram Upgrade
Are you one of those iMac users who loves the power of having multiple apps operating at the same time? Do you like having multiple browser tabs open simultaneously? If you can’t do this because your iMac doesn’t normally have the juice to pull it off, you can give it the juice it needs with an upgrade in RAM.
New MacBook Pro is Everything You Want in a MacBook
Are you one of the Apple users who go way back to the beginning of the line? The line came out in about 2006 with a white polycarbonate MacBook. As your needs changed, you might have tried some of the other products in the MacBook line. Although these devices are notoriously long-lasting, you probably have wanted to update whenever fancy new features came out, so you may have gotten to experience some of the exciting changes that Apple rolled out with their Pro devices. You will absolutely fall in love with the new MacBook Pro.