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Tips for Cleaning a Dirty MacBook
When you invest in a new computer, you want it to last as long as possible. One thing that could get in the way of your MacBook lasting as long as possible is dust and dirt. Of course, you don't want your MacBook to look dirty. Dust and dirt could ruin more than just appearance. Having a dirty MacBook can cause issues with performance and connectivity- not to mention the scratches on the display it could cause.
Apple has First Public Beta of New iOS
Are you ready to update your iOS and iPadOS? Well, you’ll have to wait just a little while longer. At the end of June, Apple seeded the beta of the iOS and iPadOS 15, allowing public beta testers to download and test the newest updates. In order to qualify to test out the new iOS and iPadOS 15 update, public beta testers have to sign up for Apple’s beta testing program. Once they are approved, they can download the update over the air. They also have to install the proper certificate that comes from the Public Beta website.
How to Buy a Refurbished iMac
Macs and iMacs are a popular choice for laptops and computers because of their iconic and versatile designs and easy-to-use manual. The only reason for not buying an iMac may be the high prices.