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Pros of getting a MacBook with Touch Bar
There is nothing more fun than getting a new electronic device. If you are considering getting a MacBook, you definitely want to think about which features you want on your new device. Macs are well known for lasting for many years, so the Mac you choose should be one that you will want to use for the long haul.
Best MacBook for Students
If you're a student, choosing a MacBook for your needs might be a little tricky. Should you get a 12in MacBook, a MacBook Pro, or a MacBook Air? Let’s examine each of these options to figure out what is best for what you need.
Latest Details on Apple Card
It looks like the folks at Apple are coming out with another surprise later this year. Apple is set to launch a new credit card which will be linked to Apple Pay and will be built right into the Wallet app. iPhone users will be able to sign up for this new card which Apple is partnering with Goldman Sachs to bring to fruition. Although it will work like a traditional credit card, it will be optimized for Apple Pay. Let’s look at some of the details associated with this card, shall we?