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How to Improve Multitasking with an iMac Ram Upgrade
Are you one of those iMac users who loves the power of having multiple apps operating at the same time? Do you like having multiple browser tabs open simultaneously? If you can’t do this because your iMac doesn’t normally have the juice to pull it off, you can give it the juice it needs with an upgrade in RAM.
New MacBook Pro is Everything You Want in a MacBook
Are you one of the Apple users who go way back to the beginning of the line? The line came out in about 2006 with a white polycarbonate MacBook. As your needs changed, you might have tried some of the other products in the MacBook line. Although these devices are notoriously long-lasting, you probably have wanted to update whenever fancy new features came out, so you may have gotten to experience some of the exciting changes that Apple rolled out with their Pro devices. You will absolutely fall in love with the new MacBook Pro.
Reasons to Choose a MacBook Pro
When choosing a laptop, it’s not always easy to know what to look for. One thing is for sure: choosing the right laptop is important. The right laptop can make the difference between a more efficient workflow and one that is extremely inefficient. Let’s look at a few reasons why your next laptop should be a MacBook Pro.