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Speed up your MacBook
You know that feeling when you realize that your once super speedy Mac has seen better days? Your Mac has started to slow down and you are starting to lose patience. Never fret! You can get a speedier Mac without having to buy a new one. This article offers some practical tips on what you can do to get a faster Mac. But before you start any of the techniques in this article, do yourself a favor and back up your data. You can just use an external drive and run Time Machine and you’ll be all set to go, knowing that your Mac’s data is safe.
How to Upgrade your iMac
Do you consider yourself a pretty good do it yourselfer? Do you want to upgrade your iMac? Whether you are a seasoned pro or a little wary of doing some of the more technical upgrades, this article is for you.
Top Hidden Features of your MacBook
You may think you know everything about your MacBook, but more than likely, there are some features that you may have missed. Sure, you know all about Siri, Apple Watch, and Auto Unlock, but there are several other features worth knowing about that may go unnoticed by even the most savvy users of the macOS Sierra- the OS that just recently made its debut on MacBook.
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