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The Best Refurbished MacBook for Work in 2024
Are you interested in which MacBook would suit your work-at-home needs this article will help.
Laptop vs Desktop for Gaming - Which is better?
Do you need any help choosing between a high-spec gaming laptop or desktop if so this article will guide you through the process.
Which refurbished MacBook is best for kids?
Do you remember your first computer? What an event it was — buying the first laptop. Most likely it was a gift from your parents that you have been waiting for a long time. And now your child is asking to buy him one.
Cybersecurity on Apple computers
For a long time, it was believed that Apple computers were immune to cyberattacks. But Macs are becoming more and more popular, and the issue of cyber security has become very relevant in recent times. After all, no device can boast of complete protection against attacks. Let's see how you can protect your Mac and your personal data.
Tips and Tricks for Optimising Battery Life on Your Apple Devices
We live a busy life, where we rely on different electronic devices more than ever. We can’t even imagine our everyday routine without an iPhone in hand or a MacBook, can we? During the last few decades they became an irreplaceable part of our daily life. We use them for work, entertainment at home and communication with our loved ones. And it’s always a bummer when the battery dies, your device turns off and you sadly don’t have a charger nearby. But please don’t worry. There are some secret tricks that will allow you to use your device longer and you will not worry anymore about it running out of power at the worst moment. Are you interested? So, keep reading.
Things to Consider before Buying Your First MacBook
If you're on the hunt for a new laptop right now, there's a good chance the MacBook might meet your needs. All MacBooks feature a great modern design, an intuitive operating system and excellent hardware. However, if you are buying a MacBook for the first time, there are a few things you need to take into account before making the purchase. This is what our article is about today.
Mac mini: the Most Underrated Apple Product
The Mac mini is one of Apple's most underrated yet great products. It is Apple’s most affordable desktop computer. Mac mini has a compact design with great specifications and a good variety of ports. However, buyers still do not fully understand its potential. Let's figure it out together.
13-inch MacBook Pro & MacBook Air vs 24-inch iMac
The new 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air were unveiled to the public at the WWDC22 conference in 2022. Apple upgraded the chip to the M2, their most powerful chip in the lineup, significantly boosting the performance of both laptops. MacBook Air also received a new design, while the outer shell and chassis of the MacBook Pro 13” remained the same. But even though the body is a little dated, it's still a great powerful computer. But is the MacBook good for you in general? Or maybe you need an iMac? This decision is important, especially if this computer should become your main workstation.
Tips for setting up your MacBook Air
Whether you're switching on a new MacBook Air M1 for the first time or setting up your well used Air after some much-needed R&R, there are some important things that should be done up front to get it going. Let’s dive into some of the most important moments you need to know when you set up your new MacBook Air. Also we will tell you about some commonly overlooked features.
MacBook Air M2 review (2022)
When it comes to choosing a laptop, millions of people still are thinking of MacBook Air. It’s their first choice. The new MacBook Air is even better than the previous one.
Are MacBooks Worth Buying?
Are MacBooks worth buying? The answer is “Yes, sure”. But let’s dive into all the arguments.
M2: MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro
Let's compare these two new M2 Macbooks Apple released last year. Considering both come at about the same price, it makes the choice a bit complicated.
2023: Apple Rumours and Predictions
Apple released a variety of great electronic devices in 2022: an M1 iPad Air, brand new redesigned MacBook Air M2, iPhone 14 Pro and the list continues.
2022 Recap: What Apple has Released. Part II
In Part I we collected information about biggest 2022 Apple releases Apple — from iPads to iPhones. Here you can find more about other variety of products Apple released in 2022.
2022 Recap: What Apple has Released
2022 seems like it was a good year for Apple. Almost every product family has been updated with new and desirable items.
Unique iMac Features
iMac is one of the best all-in-one systems on the market. There is a sea of options out there, but let's find out what's special about this one.
Top Tips How to Shop on Black Friday
Now, when the sales season begins, and you’re likely looking to buy gifts and a myriad of other things, how do you prepare for Black Friday? It’s quite challenging to only buy what is really needed and not spend a fortune.
The Cheapest MacBooks on the Market
When it you want to buy a new computer, you should weigh all the arguments, the pros and cons of each model. The market is huge. Which model to choose?
Is It Better To Buy a Refurbished MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?
Apple computers are deservedly considered the best on the market. When you need a new laptop, choosing a brand is pretty easy. But how then to choose a model?
Main MacBook Advantages for Daily Use
If you already have an iPhone or iPad, you'll appreciate how all the built-in apps work together. You can start reading an article on an iPhone and continue on a MacBook. All saved notes are available to you on all devices. It is very convenient, because the iPhone is always at hand. You need to write something down, and in the evening at home you can easily continue on your MacBook. Reminders are also synchronised and come simultaneously to all devices. The calendar is also available on both MacBook and iPhone, and you will never forget to wish your aunt a happy birthday.