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All of our products come with a 6-12 month warranty as part of the Tech Trade Peace of Mind Guarantee and grading system. Start looking for your perfect option, today.

What Mac products are available?

At Tech Trade, we’re always stocking new, top of the range refurbished Mac Products. This includes a variety of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air options, with a touch bar and retina display options. We also have a range of iMacs, Mac Studios and Mac Pros, that give the ultimate desk set-up, for a fraction of the full price. Or, go for the most portable Apple option, with a refurbished iPad.

More refurbished products

In addition to our range of refurbished Apple products, we also stock other high quality tech brands. If Apple isn’t the brand for you, be sure to browse our full range of gaming and tech products:

What’s the cheapest Mac laptop?

The cheapest MacBook in Apple’s core range is the MacBook Air. For the cheapest price, opt for a low storage, low RAM, and 13-inch screen option.

The best way to get a cheap Mac or MacBook, without compromising on quality, is to buy a refurbished, certified Apple model. As part of the refurbishment process, second-hand machines are restored to full power and functionality, so you can save money, whilst getting all the benefits of a MacBook.

Browse our current MacBook Air stock to find today's deals. And, if you’re a student – take advantage of our student discount to get even cheaper prices.

What’s the difference between Macs and PCs?

The core difference between Mac and Windows is the operating system. Most PCs come with the latest version of Windows preinstalled. Meanwhile, Mac machines use OS X. OS X is largely thought to be more user-friendly, which lines up with Apple’s reputation for creating machines that run, and look sleek.

There is a far wider range of PC models than Mac, with a wider range of performance abilities. Macs generally outperform the average PC, however, you can get higher RAM capabilities, more hard disk space and USB ports with PCs – especially with high-spec gaming computers.

How long are macs meant to last?

The average MacBook lifespan is approximately 7 years. However, with refurbishment – this can be extended even further. All of Tech Trade’s refurbished products come with a peace of mind guarantee of at least 6 months.

Are refurbished computers worth the money?

In a nutshell, yes. If the refurbishment has been carried out to a high standard, including proper battery replacement and cleaning – the machine should be restored to maximum capability. If you’re looking to cut the costs of getting a new computer, a refurbished model is the perfect solution. Especially if you’d like to invest in an Apple product, but are put off by the price. Macs and MacBooks often go on sale at some of the highest price points in the market, so choosing a refurbished machine can shave hundreds of pounds off the price that you pay.

What are the benefits of buying refurbished Apple and PC products?

When you buy one of Tech Trade’s refurbished products, we provide a quality guarantee to give you peace of mind that it will be as good as new. This means that your refurbished model will be:

  • Gold Grade condition promises that
  • Covered by a warranty to cover any defects within the designated period.
  • Cost less than a new MacBook, but provide the same benefits.
  • The drive contains no old user data.

So, why pay more– when you can pay less? Tech Trade also provides free UK Delivery for all items over £100.

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