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We offer refurbished iMac M1 models that have been completely refurbished to almost brand-new condition. Home and office users will love these refurbished Apple desktop computers as they are an affordable alternative to a brand-new desktop. With our models, you never have to sacrifice performance for price.

What can I expect from a refurbished iMac M1?

The new iMac M1 has been designed to enhance user experience, providing a seamless and intuitive interface that allows users to navigate effortlessly. The 24-inch screen is stunningly clear, with exceptional detail and vibrant colours, making it perfect for a wide range of tasks, from video editing to gaming.

The iMac M1, which hit the market on May 21, 2021, has made a striking impression on users by replacing the 21-inch and 27-inch iMacs. It is a computer that has been engineered to meet the demands of users, with the power and speed required to perform a wide range of tasks effortlessly.

Refurbished models still offer all the amazing features of a brand-new iMac 27 but at a lower cost. We still have plenty of refurbished 27s available, all restored without any old user data.

Why use Tech Trade for iMac M1 refurbished models?

Tech Trade's refurbished iMac M1 models offer many advantages over brand-new models. This is why our iMac M1 refurbished models come with the same quality assurance guarantee:

  • All our models undergo extensive diagnostic tests before they can be returned to 'like new' condition.
  • The reconditioned model's warranty covers any defect found during its warranty period, although reconditioning errors are rare. Find out more about our warranties by looking at our grading system. Find out more about our warranties by looking at our grading system.
  • At a fraction of the price of new models, reconditioned iMacs offer the same functionality and elegance.

Benefits of a reconditioned iMac M1 model

Choosing a refurbished iMac M1 model instead of buying a brand-new one can bring several benefits to your investment. Although the first impression might not be the same, the software and features of a reconditioned device remain consistent. Let's explore some advantages of opting for a refurbished iMac M1:

  • Refurbished iMac M1 computers can save you up to 70%, depending on your age.
  • Our iMac M1s are fully tested and are in almost brand-new condition.
  • Your warranty covers any defects found after your purchase.
  • The desktop has been repaired by Apple and restored to like-new condition.
  • Refurbished iMac M1s are thoroughly cleaned, including any dust, drives, and CPUs, plus a full sterilization process.
  • The drive contains no older user data, being formatted entirely.

Explore our full range of iMac 27, iMac 21.5s and more great products, today!

More refurbished Apple products

As well as refurbished iMac M1, Tech Trade has a broad range of competitively priced refurbished Apple products. Explore our selection of:

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