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Apple iMac Retina 4K - 21.5" - Intel Quad Core i5 - 3.1GHz - 8GB - 480GB SSD
Apple iMac Retina 4K - 21.5" - Intel Quad Core i5 - 3.1GHz - 8GB - 480GB SSD - Monterey - 12 Months Warranty - Silver Grade Refurbished
Apple iMac Retina 5K - 27" - Intel Core i5 - 3.4GHz - 16GB - 1TB Fusion
Apple iMac Retina 5K - 27" - Intel Core i5 - 3.4GHz - 16GB - 1TB Fusion - Ventura - 12 Months Warranty - Gold Grade Refurbished

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iMac 4k & 5K category content

Explore our collection of refurbished iMac 4K and 5K editions. Whether for personal or professional purposes, these reconditioned iMac 4k & 5k machines offer a remarkable and budget-friendly substitute to acquiring a brand-new workstation. You can have peace of mind knowing that our models deliver high performance without straining your finances.

What can I expect from a refurbished iMac 4K & 5K?

The 21.5-inch iMac 4K made its debut in 2015, boasting identical design elements to its larger counterpart, the iMac 5K. This model embraced the timeless unibody all-in-one design, which has become a hallmark of the iMac series.

Both refurbished iMac 4k & 5k models still offer all the amazing features of a brand-new iMac but at a lower cost. We still have plenty of refurbished iMacs with 4k and 5K displays available, all restored without any old user data, just a slight difference in aesthetics.

Why use Tech Trade for iMac 4K & 5K refurbished models?

Tech Trade presents our range of refurbished iMac 4K and 5K models that offer numerous advantages over brand-new counterparts. Our refurbished iMac 4K and 5K models provide the same quality assurance guarantee, ensuring reliable and top-notch performance.

  • Our models undergo extensive diagnostic testing before they are restored to 'like new' condition.
  • The refurbished model's warranty covers all defects found during its warranty period. However, reconditioning errors are rare. Explore our warranties by looking at our grading system.
  • For a fraction of the price of new models, refurbished iMacs offer the same functionality but with a slight difference in the casing.

Benefits of a reconditioned iMac 4K & 5K model

Opting for a refurbished iMac 4K and 5K models rather than purchasing a brand-new one can have numerous benefits. While the casing may differ slightly, the software and features of a reconditioned device align with those of new models. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing a refurbished iMac 4K and 5K:

  • Refurbished iMac 4k & 5k computers can save you up to 70%, depending on the age.
  • Our iMac 4k & 4k are fully tested and are in almost brand-new condition.
  • Your warranty covers any defects found after your purchase.
  • The desktop has been repaired by Apple and restored to like-new condition.
  • Refurbished iMac 4k & 5k are thoroughly cleaned, including any dust, drives, and CPUs, plus a full sterilization process.
  • The drive contains no older user data, being formatted entirely.

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As well as refurbished iMac Pro, Tech Trade has a broad range of competitively priced refurbished Apple products. Explore our selection of:

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