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Apple Displays


Refurbished Apple Displays – technical info

Apple has released a good many types of displays. They have the CRT displays which came out in the 1980s, the Third generation displays of the early 1990s, and even all in ones, just to name a few. Most people today looking for Apple Displays would be interested in the LED backlit display, which features a 24” LED Cinema Display with a backlit screen. This is intended for use exclusively with Apple products. It features built in speakers, an iSight camera with microphone, and an integrated self-powered USB hub.

This was improved upon in 2010 when the display size changed to 27” with an improved resolution of 2560x1440. The display was changed to the Apple Thunderbolt Display in 2011, and the connector was changed to Thunderbolt. Apple just discontinued the 27” Thunderbolt Display in 2016, ending the era of being a modern display line that ran from 1998 to 2016 with no announcement of a replacement display being created.

Why it is a good idea to buy refurbished Apple Displays

While there are doubtless some people who are interested in buying old Apple Displays for the nostalgia of owning a piece of Apple history, without a care in the world for how the display actually looks, most people purchase Apple Displays with the goal of using them with their Apple computers for a more modern application. Gaming, working, watching videos- all of these things can be done with the more modern refurbished Apple Displays.

Apple Displays are the perfect display for anyone who wants to experience Apple technology. While Apple products will always sell for a premium when purchased new because of their quality and cult following among Apple customers, buying used is a viable option for those who want the experience of using an Apple Display without spending quite as much of their hard-earned money.

Reasons to buy a refurbished Apple Display:

The screen works like new

Warranty ensures product quality

The cost is less than buying new

Get to experience Apple technology

New vs. refurbished Apple Displays

When considering whether to buy a new or a used Apple Display, one should not give much consideration to the differences as they are so minimal. One of the biggest differences between a new and refurbished Apple Display is that a new one has not been owned previously. If you require the experience of being the first person to own a product so you can get that brand new, unboxing experience, then you’ll have to buy new. If, however, it’s not important if you have that experience, you should really consider buying refurbished.

When you buy a refurbished Apple Display, you are getting a much better deal than the first owner. You get the same experience as they did, without spending the large amount of money that they did.

Remember, an Apple Display is only used as an output device, meaning that there is no connection to a previous owner besides any damage they may have done to the casing, which is highly unlikely for most Apple customers. Unlike a CPU, a display doesn’t have any ties to a previous owner as it is only used to display a picture, output sound, or take video. It doesn’t store any of that data.

Really the question should not be if you should consider buying a refurbished Apple Display, but why you would ever even consider buying a new one?