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Discover Tech Trade’s refurbished Apple Displays, and get the perfect addition to any desk setup. Combine it with your MacBook, Mac Studio or Mac Pro for a great quality, large monitor experience.

Refurbished Apple Monitors: What to expect

Apple has released many top-quality Apple displays over the years. Popular features of recent models include the 24” LED Cinema Display with a backlit screen.

Professional refurbishment allows us to restore Apple monitors to full functionality, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits for a reduced price. We provide a quality assurance guarantee to give you peace of mind, with a clear grading system that provides a 6-12 month warranty and removes any uncertainty around your purchase.

The benefits of buying Apple Refurbished Displays

There are lots of benefits to buying a refurbished model as opposed to a brand new one. The key perks include:

  • A new screen, with full functionality and working like new.
  • A warranty ensuring product quality.
  • The cost of a refurbished Apple monitor is considerably less than buying new.
  • For this reduced price, you get all the perks and experience that Apple technology provides.

New vs. Refurbished Apple Displays: what are the differences?

Thanks to the thorough refurbishment process, the differences between a new and a refurbished apple monitors are minimal. The main difference is that no one has owned a new model before you. Some refurbished displays may also come without their original box. But, neither of these factors affects the user experience that you get. And, when comparing prices, the second owner gets a far better deal than the first owner, getting the same experience as they did, without spending as much money.

Refurbished Apple Display FAQs


Q: Is it worth buying a refurbished Apple Monitor?

A: Apple monitors are some of the most popular on the market for several reasons. But, the main perk to buying a refurbished model is financial savings. Thanks to the guarantee of expert refurbishment, you can save hundreds of pounds, while still getting a high-quality Apple display for your home or office desk.

Q: Will Apple make cheaper monitors in the future?

A: In early 2022 it was rumoured that Apple would begin making cheaper monitors. However, since then, they have confirmed that the Mac Studio Display will remain the cheapest model on offer. In the meantime, Tech Trade’s range of refurbished Apple monitors and iMacs provides you with cheaper alternatives to purchasing new products.

Q: Can I use any monitor with a Mac computer?

A: Although you can connect any monitor with a compatible connector to your Mac computer, Apple products are most compatible with other Apple products. Browse our range of display monitors to find the right match for your Mac Studio or Mac Pro.

Q: Is there a student discount for refurbished Apple displays?

A: Yes. Tech Trade offers a great student discount of 10% off all our products.

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