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If you are looking for a more affordable iPad model, why not explore our full range of refurbished iPads? They have been fully refurbished to near brand-new working  condition, the only difference is the aesthetics.

Explore all of our refurbished iPads below and see how our grading systemworks for all of our refurbished models for the iPad mini,iPad 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Refurbished iPad – technical info

Our refurbished iPads have the same technical features as brand new models.We also provide a range of different iPad models throughout the years so that no matter what generation iPad you are after, we have the refurbished model available.

The iPad is an iOS based tablet computer marketed and designed by Apple. The very first iPad came out in April 2010. The initial operating system of the iPad is the iOS 3.2, and the highest supported operating system is the iOS 5.1.1. The iPad comes with 256 MB DDR Ram and comes with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage.

The button placement from the first generation iPad set the precedent, and all succeeding iPads have maintained this placement. This tablet weighs in at a very light 680 or 730 g, depending on the refurbished iPad you choose.

Why is it a good idea to buy a refurbished iPad?

There are numerous benefits to buying a refurbished iPad. One of the biggest benefits to choosing to purchase a refurbished iPad is the price. Purchasing a fully refurbished iPad is also just as secure as a buying one brand new as they have been thoroughly tested and wiped of any old user data.

Of course, a brand new iPad is a good choice because it’s brand new and you can take it out of the box yourself for the first time. However, you will pay a premium price for that privilege. If you instead choose a refurbished iPad, you can still enjoy using the iPad with all the same features, without having to spend as much money.

Benefits of buying a refurbished iPad?

There are many benefits to purchasing a refurbished iPad instead of paying for a brand new one. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • The iPad has been refurbished to high standards.
  • It has been erased, reset, and recertified for a new owner.
  • The price is much less than buying new.
  • Includes a warranty for peace of mind.

New vs. refurbished iPad

Purchasing a refurbished iPad is the same as purchasing a new one, except it's less expensive. A refurbished iPad might not look as pristine as a new iPad, but if you can deal with minimal signs of wear, you can enjoy all the features of an iPad without the price tag.

One thing to remember about buying a refurbished iPad is that you can get more storage for a smaller price. That means that you can afford to get a 64 GB refurbished iPad for less than a new 16 GB iPad would cost. When you keep in mind the fact that both refurbished and new iPads have the same features but one will be able to store much less than the other, the choice becomes obvious.

You can choose between a model that is Wi-Fi only or one with Wi-Fi with cellular support to best meet your needs. We have many different refurbished iPad models to choose from so you can find the best product for you.

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Refurbished iPads FAQs


Q: Are old iPads secure?

A: How secure your old or used iPad is, is determined by the operating system you are using. If your iPad has a iOS 12 operating system you, will need it to be updated to latest version of iOS 0.5.6 since this will keep your security up to date. However, when you purchase one of our refurbished iPads, we upgrade our devices with the most up-to-date operating system to keep them secure and remove all old user data as well.

Q: Is it worth buying a refurbished iPad?

A: It is definitely worth buying a refurbished iPad instead of a new one if you are on a tight budget and are looking for functionality instead of aesthetics. With a refurbished model, you get all the benefits and features of a brand new iPad just the casing might not be as pristine due to them being second hand.

Q: What iPad is best for older buyers?

A: For older buyers who might not be as tech-savvy or want something simple to use for an affordable price. We would recommend the iPad Mini. This is easy to use and has a smaller screen than most models making it less daunting for older users. It also has many of the most recent iPad features, so it is a reliable model. See our refurbished iPad Minis.

Q: What is the difference between a Second hand iPad and a refurbished one?

A: Second hand iPad models have not been vigorously tested, repaired and cleaned like refurbished models. Second hand just refers to the fact that it has been previously owned by someone else and may not have been fully restored to working condition. So it is always best to go for a refurbished model instead of getting one second hand that hasn't been restored.

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