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Apple Mac Pro - Xeon E5 6-Core - 3.5GHz - 32GB - 256GB SSD
Apple Mac Pro - (Condition- Slight Wear Silver Grade) - Xeon E5 6-Core - 3.5GHz - 32GB - 256GB SSD - AMD FirePro D500 - Monterey - 12 Months Warranty

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Tech Trade’s current refurbished Mac Pros for sale include models from 2013 and 2019, compatible with Apple’s leading operating systems from each generation. They’re powerful enough to provide crystal clear resolution and powerful performance on your choice of iMac.

What can I expect from a refurbished Mac Pro?

A Mac Pro is a high-tech, high-powered computer server designed to be used with Apple’s iMac screens. When buying a Mac Pro new, the price point matches the power and capabilities of the machine. But, a refurbished model can bring you all the benefits of Apple’s powerful workstation for a discounted price.

Tech Trade’s quality assurance guarantee ensures that all of our refurbishments are carried out to a high standard. We restore full functionality, and label the finished product with a grade as part of our grading system to assure you of the quality that you’ll receive.

We’re so confident in our refurbishment methodology, that we offer full refunds within 14 days if you change your mind, and a warranty proportionate to the grade of machine you have purchased.

What’s included in Mac Pro Refurbishment?

Each of our refurbished Mac Pros goes through extensive testing to diagnose any faults in the software or hardware. We also clean the device, internally and externally, to prevent build-ups of dust and dirt from affecting the machine’s performance. After replacing and repairing any faulty elements, our professional technicians will test the machine again to ensure it is in proper working order.

You can rest assured that each hard drive is wiped and restored to factory settings, so when you start your Mac Pro for the first time, you get the same experience as if you had bought it new.

Is a refurbished Mac Pro worth the money?

Refurbishment means that you get the full range of benefits that the high spec Mac Pro brings, without breaking your bank. Each generation of Mac products utilises top of the range technology from the period. Even as Apple incorporate new technological advances into their machines; there is still a lot of value in the products from previous generations.

Many of the issues that may arise after long term ownership of a Mac, can be fixed via refurbishment. If you’d like more information about our refurbishment process, visit our FAQs page or contact the Tech Trade team for more information.

Is a refurbished Mac Pro right for me?

There are a few factors to take into consideration when deciding if to buy a new or refurbished Mac Pro. You might be considering the budget, model, capabilities, or style of your new computer.

The majority of these factors remain the same thanks to the capabilities of professional refurbishment technicians. The price and ‘new’ status of the machine are the only other key differences.

New vs Refurbished Mac Pros

If you’d like to invest in a Mac Pro for your desktop computer set up, but don’t want to shell out full price; a refurbished model is definitely a good route to take. Compare all our refurbished models here, and find the server with the capacity that you’re looking for. Simply compare our price with the price of a new model – and the choice will be clear!

Has the Mac Pro been discontinued?

Although there was no new Mac Pro in 2022 to make space for the launch of the Mac Studio, Apple have suggested that a revamped version will return in the future. This is part of Apple’s long term plan to remove all intel chips from their devices in favour of their own silicon chips. In the meantime, a refurbished Mac Pro brings you all the power and performance of a new machine – for a fraction of the cost.

Refurbished iMac

Browse our iMacs and Mac Studios to complete your desktop set up.

Refurbished Mac Pro FAQs


Q: Which Mac Pro is the cheapest?

A: Each of our models offers a considerable discount from the price of a new model, making the choice to buy a refurbished model, the cheapest route every time.

Q: Is it safe to buy a refurbished Mac Pro?

A: The process of refurbishment is centred around restoring devices to their former capabilities, and making them efficient and safe to use. Our team of qualified technicians follow a set procedure to diagnose and repair any issues with the machine. That’s why we offer our peace of mind guarantee and grading system. This offers a 6-12 month warranty, and a 14-day free returns period, so that you can work out if it’s the right machine for you.

Q: How durable is a Mac Pro?

A: The Mac Pro is widely considered to be Mac’s strongest computer driver, offering up to 8 TB of storage and fast, high resolution performance. The fact that refurbished models continue to be popular, proves the durability of this machine. With no maintenance, a Mac Pro has a good 10-year life span. With maintenance and refurbishment – this is extended even further.

Q: Can I get student discount on a Mac Pro?

A: Yes. Tech Trade offer a 10% student discount on all our products via student beans.

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